6-Week Group Coaching

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You don't have to journey alone

While we're all trying to make sense of the world, and meeting life challenges, having your people to go to improves your quality of life significantly.Join a coaching group to develop valuable practical skills to tackle the challenges in your own terms, in a way that feels authentic to you, and bring less suffering for yourself and others.

3 Group Coaching

For all three coaching programs, my intention is to create a space where you can be true to yourself. You can show up with your doubt, your fears, your confusions, your challenges and have a place to untangle all that and learn skills that will resource you in your everyday.The two in-depth programs: Find Strength Within, and Enneagram Beyond Type both include the Empathy program.For the in-depth programs, the group process will mix myth and metaphor, science and spirituality, psychology and “parts” with personal reflection, demonstrations, inner work and somatic practices.

Strength Within

  • Learn to deal with difficult emotions

  • Learn to how to have difficult conversations

  • Build and maintain strong, healthy relationships

  • Become more resourced and balanced in difficult times

6 x 90-min online sessions
meeting weekly

Supporter rate: $750
True cost rate: $600
Scholarship rate: $450

Beyond Your Type

  • Identify blind spots that may get in your way

  • Learn how to balance intellectual, emotional, and (body) intelligence

  • Free yourself from habitual ways of being that don’t serve you

  • Discover strengths that you can solidly rely on

6 x 90-min online sessions
meeting weekly

Supporter rate: $750
True cost rate: $600
Scholarship rate: $450

Practice Group

  • Experience supportive ways of being in a relationship with people

  • Finding what’s true for you and how to express it

  • Learn to offer and receive true empathy

  • Learn how to deepen connections in and out of the group

5 x 60 min online sessions
meeting weekly

Supporter rate: $350
True cost rate: $250
Scholarship rate: $100

Supporter rate: If you have financial assets, or identify as middle or upper/owning class, then this is the rate for you. Paying at this rate supports the discount and scholarship fund, making this course accessible to more people including people of the global majority.
True cost rate: This is the true cost of the course. If you are able to pay this amount and still meet your basic needs, then this is the price for you to choose.Scholarship rate: The Scholarship option is reserved for people experiencing financial hardship and for people of the global majority.

What is it like?

Every group is unique because each member brings their authentic self. I have put a lot of effort into creating a safe environment for self-expression with a variety of group activities and games.These sessions are designed to help you uncover more about yourself and grow, while also seeing others around you do the same. You will have the opportunity to share your insights and learn from others, resulting in a diverse and meaningful exchange of perspectives. This program is an ideal setting to practice your communication skills, which can ultimately improve your relationships.


I appreciated the opportunity to create space to experience the unfolding of both expressing and receiving empathic listening and reflecting. Through the space created, the time didn’t feel rushed or transactional to do, but rather deeply and meaningfully witnessing and being in connection.”
--- Diana O, Senior Legal Counsel in Tech

"You completely changed my views about how to use this tool [Enneagram] to understand myself and reflect on decisions and behaviors in order to be the best version of myself! It was such a profound experience to go through this process with you!”
--- Marina T, Service Design Director + Innovation Strategist

Add-ons to Group Coaching

You may purchase optional individual services to complement your group learning:

  • Individual 60-min coaching session: $200

  • iEQ9 personal Enneagram test with a 20-page report: $60

  • iEQ9 professional Enneagram test with a 40-page report: $120 (it includes the shorter personal report)

Want to get in touch?

Hello there!
I'm Aïcha [Eye-Shah]

I'm French and I have lived in the SF Bay area for more than twenty years.I'm passionate about helping people learn about themselves, show up in their sovereignty while deeply connecting with others.I'm an Enneagram aficionado. This psycho-spiritual tool when applied in depth can serve as self-guidance tool in everyday situations.

I believe that joy is key ingredient to personal development and a fulfilling life.I teach nonviolent communication, and am a certified integral and enneagram coach.I employ somatic practices to support my client's transformation.

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